Suzanne Glemot

Member Since: 09/13/2016
Meeting Preference: on campus (Main Library, IMU)

Tuesday and Thursday: evenings (5:30pm onwards)

Saturdays and Sundays: late mornings, afternoons, and early evenings

Summer tutoring availability through July 1st, hours negotiable

Hourly Rate: $20.00

About Suzanne

I'm a second-year master student at the UI Center for the Book, originally from France. I was raised abroad, and completed the majority of my schooling in French schools. I moved to the US for my undergraduate studies (major in studio art and minor in museum studies ), and have stuck around to pursue my master's degree at the Universtity of Iowa. I am fluent in both French and English, and am available to tutor through the higher-level French courses.

French  FREN:1000  French First-Year Seminar  FREN:1001  Elementary French I  FREN:1002  Elementary French II  FREN:1005  Text & Contexts: French Speaking World  FREN:1007  Nature/Ecology French Philosophy and Fiction  FREN:1010  First-Year French Review  FREN:1040  French for Travelers  FREN:1510  Cultural Misunderstandings: France & U.S.A.  FREN:1520  Fashioning France: The Land and Its People  FREN:1530  Revolutions in 19th-Century France FREN:2001  Intermediate French I  FREN:2002  Intermediate French II  FREN:3000  Third-Year French  FREN:3020  Oral Expression in French I  FREN:3030  Paris and the Art of Urban Life  FREN:3060  Introduction to Reading and Writing in Literature  FREN:3120  French Civilization; French social history  FREN:3130  French-Speaking Cultures  FREN:3215  Studies in Medieval and Early Modern France  FREN:3225  Studies in Modern France  FREN:3250  Topics in French studies I  FREN:3300  Third-Year French Grammar  FREN:3410  Business French  FREN:3510  French Cinema  FREN:3540  Gender and Sexuality in French Cinema  FREN:4015  Francophone Cinema  FREN:4020  Oral Expression in French II  FREN:4025  French Women Writers  FREN:4030  Aspects of Poetry  FREN:4051  French Literature of the Enlightenment  FREN:4080  Post-Colonial Literature in France  FREN:4090  Quebecois Literature  FREN:4110  Francophone Literature of the African Diaspora  FREN:4310  Atelier d'Ecriture en Français/Creative Writing in French  FREN:4750  Topics in French Studies II. FREN:4890  Techniques of Translation  FREN:4990  Independent Study  FREN:4995  Honors Research and Thesis 

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