Hours/Availability: Varies - see your course's ICON page for hours

Location: E208 & W215 Chemistry Building (CB)

Website: https://chem.uiowa.edu/undergraduate/for-current-students/tutoring

About the Chemistry Resource Center

The Chemistry Resource Center serves as a space for Graduate teaching assistants (TAs) to hold in-person office hours. These TAs are available to assist students in their chemistry courses. Students also utilize the Chemistry Resource Center to prepare for exams, request help on homework, work on laboratory reports, and general study for chemistry. In addition to in-person hours in the Chemistry Resource Center, some courses’ TAs will have virtual office hours. Remember, you can visit with any TA for your course, not just the one leading your discussion!

Check out your course ICON page for the TA schedule and Zoom links for courses with virtual office hours!

What to Expect

Graduate TAs give priority to the students in their course but will also assist with other chemistry courses when time is available. Other resources available in the room are student computers, alternate textbooks, and modeling kits.