Hours/Availability: Varies (see below)

Location: Varies (see below)

Email: marcia-lindgren@uiowa.edu

Phone: (319) 335-2323

Website: https://clas.uiowa.edu/classics/

About the Classics Department

The Classics Department offers free one-on-one tutoring as well as drop-in sessions for students enrolled in the first four semesters of Latin:

  • CLSL:1001 Elementary Latin I
  • CLSL:1002 Elementary Latin II
  • CLSL:2001 World of Cicero
  • CLSL:2002 Golden Age of Roman Poetry

Services are available both in person and through Zoom and include (1) individual, one-on-one tutoring, (2) weekly drop-in hours, (3) review sessions before each quarterly exam, and (4) special events and activities. If you think you would benefit from these services, you are encouraged to contact a tutor or drop in during one of the sessions.

For current times and places, as well as contact information for this semester's tutors, consult your Latin instructor or email Marcia Lindgren, Director of the Latin Program.

What to Expect

Tutors have been selected for their knowledge, enthusiasm, and interest in helping others to learn Latin. They are advanced undergraduate students, usually majors in Classical Languages. Tutors can help with study skills, provide extra practice and review, or give alternate explanations of concepts. They are there to help you succeed at learning Latin!

How to Prepare

Bring your textbook, notes, and any other materials that you think will be helpful for you to have during the session. If you have arranged but are unable to meet for a one-on-one session, be sure to notify the tutor.