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Tutoring Appointments
To make a thirty minute appointment with an HCC Tutor, please visit the HCC Writing Center Online Scheduler.

2228 Seamans Center (the room is located in the back of the Engineering Library)

About the Hanson Center for Communication

The Hanson Center for Communication (HCC) is an endowed program generously created by Tom and Nancy Hanson to provide a comprehensive resource to help student develop communication skills as part of their engineering education. The HCC is an innovative communication training center that works closely with engineering faculty to train students in effective technical communication. HCC conducts hundreds of one-on-one and group tutoring sessions to help students develop their writing and presentation skills and support faculty in including writing across the engineering curriculum. The center offers a wide-range of writing and presentation training and activities including individual tutoring, improv drop-in sessions, writing accountability groups, and thesis and article writing coaching. For questions, please email HCC Director Michelle Scherer at