Hours/Availability: Hours are varied, click here to view full schedule

Location: Van Allen Hall (VAN) & Virtual Tutorial Lab Option for Fall 2022

Phone: (319) 335-1686

Website: https://physics.uiowa.edu/resources/help-center

About the Physics Help Center

Walk-in hours are available beginning Monday, August 29th as follows:

  • TBD

Virtual assistance can be accessed by clicking here: https://apps.its.uiowa.edu/swipe2/site/physicslab/signin/virtual/physicsastronomy.

Physics & Astronomy Tutor List can be accessed here.

What to Expect

When you enter into the Zoom room (https://apps.its.uiowa.edu/swipe2/site/physicslab/signin/virtual/physicsastronomy), you will need to use SWIPE2 with the course number for which you are seeking help.  A TA will greet you and take you to a breakout room where a TA will be able to help you.  All students are welcome to attend the Physics Help Center at any time during the operating hours to get help with general physics questions. There will also be a posted schedule as to when TAs for specific courses will be available.  As the Physics Help Center is part of the campus-wide system of help centers, students will be expected to use the SWIPE2 system.