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Email: statistics@uiowa.edu

Website: https://stat.uiowa.edu/resources/tutoring

About the Statistics Tutorial Lab

The purpose of the Statistics Tutorial Lab is to make extra help available in introductory statistics courses. Sometimes your instructor's or TA's office hours don't mesh well with your schedule. Sometimes you may be reluctant to ask your own teacher for help. The Statistics Tutorial Lab is here to help make up for such difficulties! The courses that we can help you with are:

* STAT:1010, Statistics and Society
* STAT:1020, Elementary Statistics and Inference
* STAT:1030, Statistics for Business
* STAT:2020, Probability & Statistics for Engineering & Physical Sciences

Private Tutors

Some graduate students have registered to be private tutors for Statistics and Actuarial Science courses. Tutors' fees and schedules vary; contact a tutor for more information.