Tutor Application

Interested in being listed as a private tutor on Tutor Iowa? Review the information below to make sure you meet the requirements, complete an on-line application, and complete Tutor Iowa Orientation.

To be approved as a tutor, all of the following criteria must be met:

Undergraduate Students*:

  • A current University of Iowa student
  • Completed 12 or more semester hours of credit at the University of Iowa
  • Minimum University of Iowa GPA of 3.33
  • A grade of B or higher earned in each course listed to tutor. Class must have been taken at The University of Iowa.
  • Complete the Tutor Iowa Orientation

Graduate students*:

  • A current University of Iowa student or employee
  • Earned a Bachelor’s Degree
  • A grade of B or higher earned in each course listed to tutor or its equivalent (will require departmental approval)
  • Complete the Tutor Iowa Orientation

*Tutor Iowa is considered outside employment so we cannot currently accept international undergraduate or graduate students.

Tutors’ names and contact information will be posted on the Tutor Iowa website. Tutors and students negotiate appointments and fees privately. Tutor Iowa is not responsible for the payment of tutors.

Tutors must notify the Tutor Iowa administrator if there are any changes in contact information, or any additions or deletions from the approved course tutoring list. Tutors will be contacted periodically to update the website.

It is against UI policy for graders or teaching assistants to give private instruction for pay in any course with which they are associated. If the Tutor Iowa program learns that a tutor may have encouraged, advised, or assisted a student in any form of cheating, the matter will be reported to the appropriate department(s), in accordance with the academic misconduct procedures outlined in Policies and Regulations Affecting Students.

The registration form provided above is the beginning of the approval process. Additional information will be requested in the future.