Hours/Availability: By appointment only (see below)

Location: 110 EPB and other locations, with video conference option also available for appointments. Check the schedule for details.

Phone: (319) 335-0188

Website: https://writingcenter.uiowa.edu/

About the Writing Center

The Writing Center provides feedback on any kind of writing, from course assignments, personal statements, and cover letters to creative pieces, theses or dissertations, and academic articles. 

Services are FREE and available to all students, faculty, and staff.

 For more information, check out our website at writingcenter.uiowa.edu.

The Rhetoric Centers are hosted by the Department of Rhetoric and supported by CLAS.

What to Expect

Make an appointment by going to our website at writingcenter.uiowa.edu and clicking on the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT link to get to our schedule. You'll need to create an account the first time you visit (this only takes a minute) and activate your account through the link sent to your email. Once you find an open time (white box), click on it to open the appointment. Fill out the form and make sure to select "Schedule Video conference appt." if you prefer to meet virtually. You'll receive a confirmation email which you should check carefully to make sure you correctly enter the time and the location of your appointment (110 EPB, Blank Honors, Gerdin, online, etc..) into your calendar. (Note: We do not use Zoom for videoconference meetings; just log back into the schedule, open your appointment and click START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION to start your session.) Plan to arrive for your appointment (or start your videoconference session) about five minutes early. During your appointment you'll meet one-on-one with a member of our staff who will help you figure out how best to organize and communicate your thoughts and ideas. They will ask you about your assignment, your goals for the piece and the concerns you'd like addressed. If you prefer written suggestions, select Document Review from the dropdown menu at the top of the schedule. You'll be able to reserve a slot and upload your paper there. Make sure to allow two days for a response.

How to Prepare

Make sure to have a copy of your assignment and any other materials that you think will be helpful available during your appointment. It also helps to read through your work carefully before your appointment so you know what questions to ask and where you would like to focus. For other useful information, check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions.